Release Notes: NovaBACKUP xSP v11.1 - Commerce Server

NovaBACKUP xSP / Remote Workforce
Zuletzt Aktualisiert: Oct 15, 2012 11:35AM PDT
Features and enhancements:
  • A user must be able to go to the commerce server both inside and outside of NovaBACKUP and sign in to change billing information and package choice.
  • Easier package management.
  • Change your password.
  • Need a way to login as current user to switch from Trial to Paid customer.
  • Rollback/remove the bad user during a bad sign up.
  • Need to ask for phone number in billing information page.
  • Email end user on signup.
  • Email Provider on signup.
  • Ability to change your plan.
  • Implement ability to take a check in billing details.
  • Implement ability to take Purchase Orders (P.O.) in the billing details.
  • Clean up unused and unneeded fields in the database.
  • Need a test email settings button on the advanced tab.
  • Backup accounts_nnw is storing passwords in plain text not encrypted in some cases.
  • Unable to Run and Export New Reports
  • Data grids in the database tab do not display more than 10 rows (no paging support)
  • Sort storage plan offers, catalog items by sku


  • Error on the General tab and PayPal tab after doing an upgrade from to 11.1.10
  • If there are multiple payment methods with the same visible name, only one should be selected
  • When a new package is made all applicable pieces for the package should be created.
  • An upgrade from to fails because the database updater throws an exception
  • Pay flow transactions do not contain authorization or transaction IDs in database
  • Improve the CSS for the commerce server admin pages.
  • Credit card number, credit card expiration, and security code is not validated when adding a new credit card or adding more storage with a new cc.
  • Country fields in the database allow up to 50 or 100 characters, but only 3 characters are required
  • Uninstallation does not remove files in the program installation directory
  • Cannot edit rows in the Database tab
  • Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException when trying to insert a new country in the database tab
  • Stored customer credit card information for credit card purchases
  • Encrypt CVV2 values in database
  • Verify that CVV2 value has the correct number of digits depending on credit card type
  • Server Error in “/backup_storage_commerce_server” Application.
  • Credit card validation is not validating based on the regular expressions of the selected credit card type
  • Add Subscription page: Purchase button is not working
  • The user is not asked to enter in any payment information if he/she signed up without entering a credit card and wants to add more storage space
  • Ability to change from Trial to Full version
  • Add the ability to make a package not require any payment information but require billing information, even though the package does not have a $0 price
  • Show checkboxes in line with label in administration catalog control
  • Update Address labels for State, ZIP code
  • Phone number validation popup should read "Invalid Phone Number Format" for example instead of "Invalid data"
  • User can click on "Finish" button multiple times
  • User can navigate to Payment Information step even though no payment method is selected
  • Trying to add a new subscription will throw an exception
  • Add Google analytics to partner landing page
  • Selecting the Advanced Filter radio button setting when editing a product\service does not get reflected in the database
  • Login to change plan does not work - presents you with "New Account" workflow
  • Add more storage space in the web storage service page is not working correctly.
  • An exception is thrown when signing up for a new account and using sql server express 2005
  • Update Credit Card Input Placement
  • Clicking on the General Tab in the administrator interface throws an error about sequence does not contain any elements.
  • Clicking on Edit in the account details on a customer login through a web browser throws an error.
  • Remove newsletter related settings from the advanced tab
  • Error generated when clicking on the advanced tab. A public action method “none” could not be found on controller “UI.Controllers.HomeController”.

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