Backup from Mapped Drive / NAS

Network 14 (Zentralisiertes Netzwerk)
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When backing up any data from or to a network share or NAS, you must choose a computer to configure a mapped drive letter on that machine.

Next you will have to disable NovaBackup Network service on that machine and leave the client minimized.

You will also go into the NovaBackup Network software and perform the following below: (This cannot be done on a Master Server; it must be done on a client computer).
  • Click on the Advanced on the left side
  • Click on Catalog on the right
  • Double click Network
  • Double click the machine name with the mapped drives
  • Double click System Drivers
  • Right click File Stream
  • Select Properties
  • Place a check next to Enable Network Drives
  • Select [OK]
  • Close and reopen NovaBackup Network

NOTE: If you are scheduling the backups to run, you must have the NovaBackup Network Administrator open at the time the job is scheduled to start. Backing up Mapped Drives requires the NovaBackup Network Service to be stopped. This makes NovaBackup Network Backup run in "application mode", without the NovaBackup Network Service running, the only way a scheduled backup can occur is if the NovaBackup Network program is open at the time the backup is scheduled. 

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