bind a tape drive into a loader manually

Network 14 (Zentralisiertes Netzwerk)
Zuletzt Aktualisiert: Oct 26, 2012 09:46AM PDT
If NovaNET cannot manually bind a Tape Drive into a Loader, it may be possible to bind manually.
To perform this action:
  1. Close NovaNET Backup and stop the NovaNET service.
  2. Open the nnconfig.ini file (located in [Install_Path\config], by default).
  3. In nnconfig.ini add the following section:

[Logical name of loader as it appears in application exactly]

Device-0=logical name of device as it appears in application exactly
  • Save this file, and open NovaNET Backup.
  • The device should now correctly show as bound to the loader.

This instruction works with the NovaNET v11, for Version 13 (NovaBACKUP Network) it has not been tested.
These names MUST be entered EXACTLY as they are shown in the software, including any Serial Number information.


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