Image/DR Restore Boot Disc screen is too big, cannot see all text and buttons on screen workaround

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2016 08:44AM PST

Image/DR Restore Boot Disc screen is too big, cannot see all text and buttons on screen workaround​:

If booting to the Image Restore / Disaster Recovery (DR) Boot Disc media and once inside the Disaster Recovery restore environment you cannot see all of the text or buttons on the screen, perhaps because your computer uses a very high resolution display adapter/video card we are going to try something to see if this fixes it or makes that DR Boot media usable for you.  We will be adding the video card driver for your PC in to the DR Boot media:


Go to Disaster Recovery function in Windows edition of NovaBACKUP.  Load NovaBACKUP and click on the Home tab -> Disaster Recovery -> "Launch Disaster Recovery Tool.."  This is where you go to create the DR Boot Disc, then click on "Boot Disc".  On the Boot Disc creation screen you will have a single choice for the "Boot Media Type" and you will choose "Advanced" mode.  Then follow all of the prompts, when you get to the part where you click "Create Image", don't click that, instead click the check-box on screen that says "Show Optional Files" and then that will add a second selection set on the right of that window to browse to your driver(s) to add.  This is where you will download and then extract your video adapter driver that matches your currently installed Operating System so that the video drivers can extract to a folder that you can then add to the DR Boot Disc.


For instance in my example below I will be downloading the video driver that works with my "Dell Inspiron Mini 10v 1018" laptop, I would go to Dell's website and look up my laptop by model # and go to Drivers area and then select my current Operating System (or the closest match, make sure to pick the correct 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System):


Download the "Hard Drive" based video driver, hard drive based meaning it is the video driver that is the extractable edition of the video driver and not one that attempts to update the already installed video driver in Windows, from that drivers page: R272907.exe


When you run the video driver installer mentioned above it will want to extract to this folder automatically: C:\dell\drivers\R272907\.


Back where I was telling NovaBACKUP that I wanted to add a driver folder to the DR Boot Disc, I now select, via the Browse button, this folder that was extracted from the above driver .exe to this folder where the .inf and .sys files are for the actual video driver that is what I want to add to the DR Boot Disc:




Add this folder mentioned above, where the .inf and .sys files reside, as a "Driver" and not as an "Application" when the software asks you what type of driver you want to add.


I then can now click on "Create Image" to create the DR Boot Disc image with that one video driver added that matches my hardware (model of computer, video card, and operating system).  Then burn that DR Boot Disc image to CD or USB flash drive just like you originally did when you created the first DR Boot Disc media (probably you used Simple mode to do that and not Advanced but it works the same when it comes to writing the media out).


Now boot up your PC with that particular DR Boot Disc that had the video driver added that matches your PC and see if the DR Boot Environment software is readable as far as all of the buttons and that you can read the screen to know what you are clicking on when booted to that DR Boot Disc.  If it doesn't make any difference verify that you added the correct video driver and possibly re-try creating that disc again with the correct driver.

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