[Guide] Setup NovaBACKUP for use with CMon Monitoring Console (Video)

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Last Updated: Jul 19, 2016 12:54PM PDT

This NovaStor video walks through the steps required to setup the NovaBACKUP client (PC / Server / Business Essentials) to be remotely monitored with the CMon - central monitoring application.

This video illustrates how to setup the NovaBACKUP (client) software for use with the NovaBACKUP CMon - central monitoring application for the remote viewing of backup installations and jobs while on-the-go. Be the first to know and stay in control. Monitor your systems from anywhere with CMon. We do recommend watching these videos be watched in full screen / HD.

NOTE: Version 18.1 and newer of NovaBACKUP client will have a Default Settings -> "CMon Server" tab to click on instead of a "Management Server" tab, as displayed in this video.

What to do if you cannot see the Default Settings -> CMon tab (or Default Settings -> Management Server tab):

If in the Default Settings area of NovaBACKUP client (the backup software) you do not see "CMon Server" tab, in v18.1 and above (or a "Management Server" tab in the case of v18.0 only) it means that a Custom installation was performed for NovaBACKUP client and the CMon/Management Server component was removed/de-selected for installation at the time of installing NovaBACKUP, with Custom installation method instead of Typical.   It means you do not have the "Agent Service" in place, during a Custom install that can be a component that is de-selected for install.  A typical install will always put that component in place.  To correct that you can go to your Programs and Features area (or Add/Remove Programs for older OS's), find NovaBACKUP in the list, right click it and do a Uninstall/Change, what you are doing is the Change part, and once the installer comes up click Change button and then find "Agent Service" at the bottom and enable it by using the pull down menu left of Agent Service, left click it and choose "Entire feature will be installed..." and then Next button at the bottom of screen to add that component back in.  Then start NovaBACKUP and you will see in Default Settings, the "CMon Server" tab we were talking about.

Alternatively, if the above method doesn't work or you get an error that looks like it is trying to find files during the Change operation, if you still do not see it or you cannot use the Programs and Features method of changing the installation to get the "Backup Agent" added back in as a component you can run the full NovaBACKUP Setup (.exe) that is found in our Downloads area of the website or if you still have the download on your local PC you can utilize that but only if it matches your currently installed NovaBACKUP client.  The version of the installer/setup program has to match your currently installed version.  This is the alternate method of adding the "Backup Agent" back in to NovaBACKUP to then be able to see "Default Settings -> CMon Server".

If you use the alternate method of adding "Backup Agent" back in and you run the Setup-NB-xx.exe that matches your version of NovaBACKUP that is currently installed then the setup program will detect you already have NovaBACKUP installed and allow you to Change the components inside to then add that "Agent Service" back in, by running the Setup-NB-xx.exe installer program.  Then check in Default Settings if you have "CMon Server" tab showing up.

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