Mount (and Unmount) an image backup to Restore Files in Windows

Last Updated: Sep 01, 2017 01:08PM PDT
Mount (and Unmount) an image backup to Restore Files in Windows

NovaBACKUP PC/Server/Business Essentials contains a feature to mount volumes (partitions) inside your Image Backup to a drive letter in Windows (as a Virtual Drive) to be able to perform single file restore of files from within a completed Image backup file (.NDF, .NDD, .NDI file extensions are supported). This method can also be utilized to verify that your Image Backup file is valid.

NOTE: It is required to restart your computer once after utilizing the Image Backup (DR) function to initialize the software driver, which is installed for you when utilizing Image Backup functions for the first time to create an Image Backup Schedule job.
  • If you have not restarted your computer after installing NovaBACKUP and after utilizing the Image Backup (Disaster Recovery) function via the Home tab of the software, which will install the Image Mount (Disaster Recovery) software driver as a driver install, you will NOT be able to Mount an Image Backup volume until a reboot of your computer is done one time.  
  • You will get an error message that states something to the effect of "A restart has not yet been performed" if you were to attempt to Mount an Image Backup (Disaster Recovery) volume without first performing the required restart.
  • For instance for those that have recently installed NovaBACKUP software OR those that have not utilized the Image Backup Schedule functions.  
  • The driver software named "Disaster Recovery Driver" (listed in Programs and Features) does not prompt to restart the computer after it is installed, it will not be obvious that this is required.
  •  If this is the first time you are attempting to mount an Image backup, make sure the appropriate drives have installed in Device Manager. The device that should be there is named "OODISKIMAGE".
  • If the drivers do not install, you may need to reinstall NovaBACKUP utilizing Right-click->Run as administrator.

First of all you can only mount an Image Backup to a drive letter in Windows, as a virtual drive, if the image itself is stored on a locally connected storage device. Image Backups located on a network path cannot be mounted even though the file browsing interface allows you to browse to a network path to select the Image Backup, the image will not mount if it is located on a network path.  Copy the Image Backup(s) to a locally connected storage device such as a USB hard drive in order to do this if that is the case.

Mounting your image backup
Click on image backup

Click on Launch Image Backup Tool for Backup/Restore/Boot CD Creation

Click on Tools

Make sure the Selected tool is set to “Mount Backup image volume to a drive letter”.

Click “browse” to locate your Backup image file. Select the volume you want to mount

Choose the Volume you want to mount to a driver letter

Select the drive letter you want to use for the mount

After checking your selections, click “mount” and wait for the process to finish

Now you can see the drive in windows explorer

Unmounting your image backup
Go back into Tools and change the “Selected tool” to “Unmount Image from a drive letter”

Select the drive letter you want to unmount then click on the “Unmount” button

Wait as the program unmounts your image

After it says, “process completed successfully” you will have successfully unmounted your virtual drive.

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