[Guide] NovaBACKUP Installation Migration Process

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2018 10:16AM PST

Migration Process

for NovaBACKUP PC, Server, and Business Essentials

This process will copy the exact configuration that was previously utilized in the software to be migrated to a new installation.
This process can be used any time you need to migrate your NovaBACKUP installation, such as during an OS upgrade or replacing a machine.
You can also find the process helpful in disaster recovery situations if you have the C:\ProgramData\NovaStor folder backed up.

NOTE: All drive letters or paths to shares will need to be the same in the new environment to be able to complete a successful backup or to be able to restore from your previous backups.
You can include the C:\ProgramData\NovaStor\NovaStor folder as part of your backup plan to ensure you can always recover your previous history this way.

The default path to your Backup Job scripts (.NBK files) is: 
C:\ProgramData\NovaStor\NovaStor NovaBACKUP\UserScripts 
If you saved your Backup Job scripts in a different folder than the default folder, you will need to copy them to the Exact same path in the NEW Environment. 


OLD Environment script location in the User "Documents" folder:
  • C:\Users\UserNameA\Documents\NovaBACKUP
NEW "Documents" folder happens to be at: 
  • C:\Users\UserNameZ\Documents\NovaBACKUP
    In this example you will need to create the previous path as it was in the OLD Environment, or re-schedule the jobs with the script referencing the new location/

OLD Environment

  1. Confirm nsService.exe and nsCtrl.exe are not running using Task Manager Details tab to "End Process"
  2. Find the desired folder containing data for NovaBACKUP, the default is C:\ProgramData\NovaStor\NovaStor NovaBACKUP\
  3. Copy this folder to a known location, such as a flash drive

NEW Environment

  1. Install NovaBACKUP - Select either Evaluation or enter your license key if you know it
  2. After the installation completes, don't start the program
  3. Confirm nsService.exe and nsCtrl.exe are not running using Task Manager Details tab to "End Process"
  4. Copy the OLD Environment files from before, replacing the NEW Environment's folder at C:\ProgramData\NovaStor\NovaStor NovaBACKUP\
    NOTE: If you saved your backup scripts (.NBK) in a non-default location, make sure they are located in the same path as before in the NEW Environment
  5. Start NovaBACKUP

You should now have your previous Schedule, Backup job scripts, Logs, Restore Index, and Devices. 
If any of these do not work, such as a device that was added, you should remove it and add it again with the same name.

NOTE: All file selections will be the same as before, if drive letters changed or specific files were selected when the job was created they may cause a warning message when the backup runs. 

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