Fix for NovaBACKUP v19.1.1402 fails to install due to existing DR Drivers

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2018 09:12AM PST

*We had an issue with NovaBACKUP 19.1.1402 released 02/06/2018 that would possibly leave you with an un-installed NovaBACKUP, after attempting the installation.  There is a new version of NovaBACKUP 19.1 Build 1406 which was released 02/07/2018 which should fix this issue with installation.  You can utilize the new installer for version 19.1.1406 that can be found on the NovaBACKUP Downloads page here.

If when attempting to install NovaBACKUP v19.1.1402 the client installation may likely fail with an error "Installation has ended prematurely".  If that is the case, to install NovaBACKUP v19.1.1402 it will be necessary to perform the fix detailed in this article to remove a driver (called the Disaster Recovery Driver) that was left over from a prior NovaBACKUP installation.  This registry based fix can be applied prior to attempting to install this new version or after attempting to install this new version, in either case there is no reboot required.

The fix instructions are as follows:

First, make sure that you are logged in to Windows as a user with Administrator rights.  If you are NOT logged in as a user with Administrator rights currently then these instructions will not work because there will not be enough rights to perform the actions necessary.

1.  Using your web browser download the simple registry (.reg file) fix for this installation issue by clicking this link to download the fix, and be sure to take note of where the file is saved to:

Alternatively, you can download the fix in .ZIP format.  If you use this method, you will need to extract the .reg file out of the .zip file to continue to the next step:

NOTE: If your anti-virus or anti-malware real-time protection software blocks .reg files from being saved then you may need to temporarily disable that type of software while you download and run this registry fix.  You can re-enable the software after the fix is performed.

2. Using Windows Explorer locate the NBK_DRDrivers_Remove.reg file and then simply double-click that file.  If your user has the required administrator rights then depending on your version of Windows and User Account Control settings will most likely ask you to allow the Registry Editor application to execute and to allow changes to be made to your system, answer Yes to the prompt, and after that you will be prompted again to allow the Registry Editor application to add/change/delete values in the registry, answer Yes to that prompt.  When successful there will be a confirmation screen that states "The keys and values contained in NBK_DRDrivers_Remove.reg have been successfully added to the registry.", you can click the OK button to complete the fix.

3. You can now attempt to install NovaBACKUP v19.1.1402 by locating the Setup-NB-x.exe installer file for v19.1.1402 and then right-click on that file and select "Run as administrator" (if you have any anti-virus, anti-malware real-time scanning software or firewall applications you would want to disable that as well temporarily as sometimes that software blocks some portions of the setup installer).   If the installation is successful and after loading NovaBACKUP and checking the Help -> About screen for the version and it is displayed as 'Version 19.1 Build 1402' then you can now delete the NBK_DRDrivers_Remove.reg file.  You are now done.

If after performing the fix successfully and then installing NovaBACKUP v19.1.1402 is NOT successful it is recommended to first attempt a reboot of your machine, and repeat Step 3 again, and then it is recommended for you to follow the Knowledge Base guide that we have on the subject Installation ends prematurely on client install which you should attempt next.

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