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NovaBACKUP xSP / Remote Workforce
Last Updated: Oct 02, 2012 02:34PM PDT

The following are the quick steps to create a user account and setting it up to backup to your storage server. This article assumes the following:

  • The Storage Server is Installed and accessible from the client machine.
    • If you are not using an xSP or Remote Workforce storage server, please disregard this part.
    • You have a valid license activated in the Configuration Manager (a trial license is OK).
    • A storage location is configured in the Storage tab of the Configuration Manager.
  • The CMC is installed and accessible from the client machine.
    • You have tested that you can log into the CMC.

Step 1: Create the User Account on the Storage Server

  1. Connect to your Storage Server.
  2. Open the Configuration Manager.
  3. Click the [Add] button to add a new user account.
  4. Enter the account username and password.
  5. Select the primary storage location from the drop down.
  6. Click [OK].

Step 2: Install the Client software

  1. Download or copy the client installation application to the machine to be backed up.
  2. Run the installation.
  3. Select the Typical installation option unless you wish to modify the installation location or installed components
  4. Select the Advanced mode startup option.
  5. Allow the application to complete the installation.

Step 3: Configure the Online Storage Device in the Client Software

  1. Open theNovaBACKUP Client software
  2. Click on the Device tab
  3. Click [Add]
  4. Enter the IP/URL of the Storage Server
  5. Enter the User Account Name and Password for the account you setup
  6. Click [Test Connection], if successful, click [OK]

Step 4: Connect the Client to the CMC

  1. With the client application still open, click the Home tab
  2. Click Settings > Default Settings
  3. Select the Management Server tab
  4. Enter the Server name (IP or URL) for the Central Management Console
  5. Click[OK]
  6. Exit the NovaBACKUP client application

Step 5: Start the CMC Agent Service on the client

  1. In Windows, click on Start > Run
  2. Type services.msc
  3. Press[Enter]
  4. Locate the Backup Client Agent service in the list
  5. Right click on the service and choose Properties
  6. Set the "Startup Type" = Automatic
  7. Under Service Status, click the [Start] button
  8. Close the Services window

When you have finished, you should be able to:

  • See the agent in the CMC
  • Create a backup job, setting the Online Storage device as the destination, through the CMC
  • Start a backup job created by the CMC
  • Verifythat a backup has completed in the CMC

See how much data is in storage for that user account in the Storage Server Configuration Manager.

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