CMC Fails to login: CommunicationObjectFaulted1

Central Management Console
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2012 05:50PM PDT


Central Management Console (CMC) fails to log in once installed.  Error code:
Arguments: System.ServiceModel.Channels.ClientFramingDuplexSessionChannel 
Debugging resource strings are unavailable.  
Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem.


Microsoft Silverlight has traditionally restricted access from socket connectivity in web applications for security reasons, forcing them to either install a standalone client or to run in the accepted range of ports.  Prior to version 4, only ports 4502 – 4534 would allow socket connections.  With the change in version 4, Silverlight is now accepting socket connections on port 80, but will continue to fail on 8080.  You can read more about this here and here.  


There are two options:
  1. At the login screen of the Central Management Console you will see the ability to "Install" the Silverlight plugin as an application that does not require port 80 but will run separately from your browser.
  2. Change port bindings on your IIS server to accept port 80 connections.
NOTE:  If you change the port bindings of the IIS server, you will need to uninstall / reinstall the CMC.  There are no settings stored locally, so you will only need to provide the same SQL / Administrator password as previously configured and all settings will be restored and updated to the new port-80 IIS configuration.

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