[Guide] Creating a staged backup

NovaBACKUP xSP / Remote Workforce
Last Updated: May 11, 2018 10:12AM PDT

This document is going to show you how to perform a Staged Backup on the client for the xSP device and how to import it to the Storage Server. This function is only available in NovaBACKUP 11 and above.

Please read this entire guide before beginning any staged backup.
Ensure NO DATA has been backed up to the client's account before staging the data.


Creating the Staged Data

  • Setup the user on the Storage Server. (In this example, "StagedBackup" user)

  • Install the xSP software on the Client's machine
  • Configure a folder to save the Staged Data to (in this example C:\Staging)
  • Open the NovaBACKUP Software and you will be prompted to configure your xSP device
  • Configure the xSP Device's "Staging" tab to point to the created folder (C:\Staging)

  • Configure the xSP device's server information, username and password. And "Test Connection"

  • Once you have a successfully tested connection, click OK

At this point, you have successfully added your NovaBACKUP Storage Server information and are directing the first backup to a local staging folder. You should now configure and run a backup job (or schedule one).

Once you have run the backup job you will now have a new folder in the Staging directory you chose: "Base". After you have finished the staged backup and verified your Base folder exists, return to the "Device" tab and un-check "Write the backup to the staging folder" option.


Importing the Staged Data


IMPORTANT: Make sure no backup jobs run from the client's machine before the Import has completed

  • On the NovaBACKUP Storage Server open the Backup Import Utility via Right-Click->Run as administrator
    • This can be found in the Start Menu
  • Browse to the Base folder from the staging folder (C:\Staging\Base)
  • Enter the account username (case sensitive)
  • Click OK

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