General information on how to build a new product with product builder”

NovaBACKUP Product Builder
Last Updated: Oct 02, 2012 04:29PM PDT

“General information on how to build a new product with product build”


1. Build Name

  • This is the reference name for the product build

2. Company Full Name

  • This is Your company’s name
  • No commas or special characters
  • Example : “NovaStor Corporation”

3. Company Short Name

  • The short name for your company and will be displayed as a program folder.
  • No commas or special characters
  • Example “NovaStor”

4. Product Name

  • The name of the product as it will be displayed in the window title and the program folder.
  • Product name cannot exceed 35 characters
  • Example “NovaBACKUP”

5. Description

  • A description of this build for your reference.

6. Product Name Prefix

  • The prefix used for the application configuration files and processes.
  • alphanumeric digits, cannot use GB, MB,KB, No hyphen or dash
  • Example “ns”

7. Application File Name

  • The name of the running application in Task Manager
  • Cannot contain spaces or use backup; 20 character limit, no .exe as a file extension
  • Example: “NovaBackx”

8. Copyright

  • Your copyright information
  • Example : “Copyright 2012 NovaStor Corporation”

9. Support

10. Company URL

11. The Contact Support URL

12. Customer Center URL

13. Purchase URL

14. Product info URL

15. Register URL

16. Updates URL

17. Registration URL

  • Commerce Server URL
  • Example: storagecommerceserver

18. Upgrade URL

19. Use Black Text on Splash Screen

  • ONLY if you have a white splash screen background you can choose this option

20. Base Product

  • To choose which version of the product to build
  • Example : Version 12.1.16

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