Amazon S3 Bucket region and name restrictions and requirements

Last Updated: May 11, 2017 12:28PM PDT
Bucket name restrictions for Amazon S3

SPECIAL UPDATE: With the new Amazon configuration for IAS users, NovaBACKUP software is no longer capable of creating a bucket name, the bucket must *first* be configured via the Amazon AWS site, S3 explorer or something similar.  If you are located in the United States then choose "US West (Oregon)" for the Region choice when creating the bucket.  We have recently identified that if the bucket region choice is set to Canada (Central) or Germany (Frankfurt) or some other non-"US West" choices it WILL not work to be able to back up to that bucket, if using those region choices.  The symptom is that when you start the backup and the connection is made to Amazon S3 the backup will fail based solely on the bucket's Region setting that you specified.  Amazon S3 while setting up your account and bucket names, on the Amazon AWS website side, will auto-detect the best region for you based on your physical location and each bucket that is created will utilize that region, there are certain regions that are incompatible with NovaBACKUP software and we will cover that next to show the workaround that you can perform.  The latest AWS regions are displayed in list form here.  The only bucket Regions which NovaBACKUP currently supports are the bucket Regions that contain "Signature Versions Support: Versions 2 and 4".  If the bucket's Signature Version is displayed as "Signature Versions Support: Versions 4 Only" it will NOT work with NovaBACKUP and you will be required to go and change your bucket name region inside the Amazon AWS site.  Then you can re-try the backup job to that modified Amazon S3 bucket.

When creating the bucket on the Amazon AWS site it will tell you if the name already exists or if it does not meet the current in place requirements and you will have the choice of choosing the Region.  If the Region choice is set to Oregon our software will probably fail to perform the backup so be careful when selecting the Region during bucket name creation in Amazon AWS. You can access the Amazon AWS site at the following web address:

Note: Please make sure that your Windows Time is set to have daylight savings checked in windows explorer and verify the time is correct.  If this is not checked you will not be able to establish a connection properly within bucket explorer.

Why do some of my requests randomly fail with a 403 Forbidden?

Check the system clock and time zone settings on the offending machine.  Amazon s3 requires all machines making requests be within 15 minutes of an Amazon S3 webserver's clock.  Setting up your machines to sync their times with a NTP server in addition to making sure they are patched for the recent Day Light Savings changes should resolve this issue.

The response from Amazon S3 will contain the following:

    -HTTP Status Code: 403 Forbidden
    -Error Code: RequestTimeToo-Skewed
    -Description: The difference between the request time and the server"s time is too large.



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