Disaster Recovery backup fails in v16.1.908 solely based on re-using a DR job created in v16.1.720 or v16.1.731

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2014 10:13AM PST

NOTE: This article assumes that you have upgraded your installed NovaBACKUP Pro/Server/B.E. from v16.1.720 or v16.1.731 to NovaBACKUP v16.1.908.  It does not apply to other situations such as clean installations where you are not trying to re-use old DR related jobs.  This only applies to users attempting Disaster Recovery backups.


Regarding people that were having the “negative”  (“Result = -2147023170, ErrorCode = 0") DR error code results, I’m seeing indication that Disaster Recovery backup operations can still fail after upgrading to v16.1.908 SOLELY because they had used v16.1.720 or v16.1.731 version to create their DR job and they are now trying to RE-USE that same DR job script in the fixed v16.1.908 version.  The reason this could occur is because the flawed 16.1.720 or 16.1.731 DR code in some cases was showing odd partition listings (sometimes duplicating Disk 0 and/or "System Reserved" partition twice) and so if they used that prior 16.1.720 or 16.1.731 version of DR in those two versions it was storing the partition selections that they had made in that older version of NovaBACKUP to the DR job script (.NBK) file and now they are using the corrected DR code in 16.1.908 which would have a different way of listing the partitions.



In this case re-using the old DR job script .NBK file (created in v16.1.720/v16.1.731) will probably not result in the negative type error, such as “Result = -2147023170, ErrorCode = 0", but it could just run for hours with no result updating other than the minutes running calculation and the in progress DR backup file may not grow in size as it is in progress of saving.


The particular "Result = -2147023170, ErrorCode = 0" error you were seeing before for DR in the prior version is now fixed in 16.1.908 that you just upgraded to.  If you did upgrade the version to a prior version of 16.1 in the past you will be required to re-create the Disaster Recovery job if it is a Scheduled Disaster Recovery job that you are now trying to execute (it is a Scheduled DR if it is showing on your "Schedule" tab).

16.1.908 - Release Notes

Release Date:  10SEP2014

Changes and Notes:

1. Fix for Disaster Recovery backups stop working after an upgrade to 16.1.720 or 16.1.731​

  • The DR backups may stop working if a "System Reserved" partition existed on the disk which was being imaged and usually the stop would occur within the first 45 seconds of starting the DR backup

2. Fix for "Resource is currently in use" file backup related error

  • Selected file(s) as part of your backup set selection with invalid stored "Modified Date" property may result in a failed backup when the backup reached that set of file(s)

3. Fix for "Buffer size 8192 is insufficient for requested data" related error

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