NovaStor Log Collector Application; for submitting ticket with logs attached

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2017 08:15AM PDT

When submitting a ticket we would prefer to have your full log set to be attached to the ticket especially for a "problem" type of ticket, meaning anything other than just a general question.  Tickets can have logs attached to them and these are the instructions to gather the full set of logs including some system diagnostics that we can use to see what the problem is.  A single ZIP file of the entire set of logs is generated by the simple tool that we provide which is linked below; you run this tool on the system that you are having the problem with that is running NovaBACKUP software.

Since this error could be related to so many different source issues as a first step to get a better understanding of the problem can you follow the steps below to get the log files. We have the NovaStor Log Collector application that can collect System Information and NovaBACKUP Logs to Help us Troubleshoot the issues with NovaBACKUP.

Please download NovaStor Log Collector Application:

When you are ready to execute the application right-click on the .exe file and then choose "Run as administrator" to execute the application properly.

When successfully completed the Log Collector tool will create a Zip file on your desktop named:

Then you will send this log .zip file to us; please go to this ticket in the NovaSTOR support ticket system and attach the log .zip file to the ticket so that we can receive it.  The .zip file size limit is 9MB if you use the ticket system to attach the log file .zip file.

If the log .ZIP file is larger than 9MB in size you can use these free Web based file sharing services to send the log .ZIP file, since the file may be too large to send as an email attachment:

File sharing services to use which DO NOT require an account to send file:

File sharing services to use which REQUIRE an account to send file:
Google Drive (requires an account)
Microsoft OneDrive (requires an account)

When you respond to this email please attach the resulting .ZIP file which appears on your Desktop and we will investigate the log and then respond to you.  If you use a file sharing service to upload your file be sure to send an email to to let us know the direct link to your .ZIP file stored on, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or whatever you used to upload the file.

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