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Last Updated: Oct 31, 2012 10:33PM PDT

When the client attempts to connect to the backup server, the first thing that occurs is the backup server service checks to see what the storage location is for the client.

By default the storage location is C:\userdata. If this location is changed to a network device, such as \\nas01\backups, you may see this error message.

The reason for this is that the "Backup Server" service (by default) runs as [Local System].

Microsoft Local System account has complete full administrative rights to the local machine; however it has ZERO rights to any network share.

In order to use the backup server in conjunction with a network storage device you need to:

  • Go into "Services" of windows and change the "Backup Server" service to run as an account other than [Local System].
  • For example you could set it to run as a local administrator. As long as your new user has access to the network share as well as full local administrative rights to your backup server, this error will not occur.

More information regarding this problem can be found in found in the following article.

ERRO "FailedToGetDiskFreeSpaceEx ERROR: Unable to determine free space for path 

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