How do I configure multiple license keys in the xSP Storage Server.

NovaBACKUP xSP / Remote Workforce
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2012 10:33PM PDT

You can setup your backup server so that you can choose which type of Backup license to be issued to each account group as defined in your Configuration Manager.

In order to do this, you will need to contact your sales representative in order to obtain a new set of license keys.

On your storage server...

    i>Block incoming traffic to the server. (We recommend blocking port 308 on your firewall.)i> i>Stop the Backup Server servicei> i>Open the BackupServer,ini filei> i>Locate the license key. It will look like this:i>

License ID=<license key>

    i>Edit the primary license key and add a description for that key by adding a colon (:) directly after the key, and follow directly with a short descriptioni> i>You can add more license keys provided to you by your NovaStor sales person by making a new line entry that looks like this:i>

Secondary License ID<#>=<license key>:<description>

    i>If you have 3 license keys, it may look something like this:i>

License ID=<license key>:Backup w/ Local & DR
Secondary License ID1=<license key>:<description>
Secondary License ID2=<license key>:<description>

    i>Save and close the BackupServer.ini
    i> i>Restart the BackupServer servicei> i>Open the NovaBACKUP xSP Configuration Manageri> i>Click the [Group Policy Settings] buttoni> i>Select a group to apply a license to and click [Properties]i> i>Change the option for Select License Serial Number.i> i>Click [OK]i>

The next time a client account connects to your storage server from that account group, the new license key will be downloaded, if a new license was assigned to that account group. 

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