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Last Updated: May 23, 2013 09:38AM PDT

The Application Update Server is our solution to provide automatic upgrades to your users, and being able to specify different upgrade files for different upgrade paths (Version X to Version Y).

The process includes the following steps:

  • Configuring the NovaBACKUP Client to query your server for upgrades instead of NovaStor's in one of three ways:
    • By editing the nsReg.ini file
    • By editing settings within the NovaBACKUP Storage Server
    • By creating a customized client within the NovaBACKUP Product Builder
  • Editing the ApplicationUpdate database table on your SQL Server.

Please make sure you have installed the Application Updater service before continuing with the steps in this article.

1. Configure the Storage Server to push the Application Updater service URL

  • On your Storage Server, open the Configuration Manager
  • Click on the [Group Policy settings...] button
  • in the Group Policy Settings window, select the Settings tab.
  • Click the [New] button
  • Enter the Remote Setting information for your Application Updater service:
    • Setting Name = UpdateURL
    • Setting Value = http://www.mydomain.com/application_update/Service.asmx
  • Click [OK] to return to the Group Policy Settings windows
  • Click [OK] again to return to the Configuration Manager
  • Click [OK] to close the Configuration Manager

Once the client machine establishes a connection to the Storage Server (on the next backup) the new settings will be pushed to the client.

To verify: On a client PC, locate and open the folder C:\ProgramData\NovaStor\NovaStor NovaBACKUP\Profiles and open the nsreg.ini and make sure the upg= url is correct.

2. Create a custom application build at http://builder.novastor.com

  • During this process enter the url to Service.asmx in the "Updates URL" field on the General tab of NovaStor's NovaBACKUP Product Builder (ex. http://www.mydomain.com/application_update/Service.asmx)
  • if you need further instruction please reference the Custom Client Specification.doc on the login page of the Product Builder Website.
  • Download the generated setup installer (ex. NovaBACKUP-14.1.11.exe)
  • Copy it to "C:\Program Files\NovaBACKUP Application Update Server\WebApplication\updates" on the web server.
  • if the "updates" folder doesn't exist then you will have to create this

3. Edit the ApplicationUpdate database table within SQL Management Studio

  • Open this up and locate your ApplicationUpdate database.
  • Expand this and locate Tables.
  • Expand this and the only table in there is the ApplicationUpdate table.
  • Right click on the ApplicationUpdate table and then you will see the columns where you will enter the data.
  • Add a new row to the table and make the following entries:

For reference, these field values may be easily accessed through your build on the Product Builder. Example: Major, Minor and Build numbers are at the bottom of the General tab via the drop down for client version.

If you are updating NovaBACKUP clients 12.0.13 and newer, you MUST use the 12.1.x installer with the following parameters.

Field Value
CompanyFullName YourCompany
CompanyShortName YourCompany
ProductName YourBackup
MajorVersion 13
MinorVersion 1
BuildNumber 12
URL http://mysite.com/application_update/updates/NovaBACKUP-14.1.11_installer.exe
LaunchinBrowser 0
CommandLine /q /ComponentArgs "Backup Client":"/C:\"_Setup.exe /q /b\""
ApplicationUpdateiD **This will automatically be generated**

Note: Upgrading previous versions of NovaBACKUP branded client you should make sure the following parameters are in use along with the correct version numbers:

  • CompanyFullName: NovaStor
  • CompanyShortName: NovaStor
  • Product Name: NovaBACKUP

FILE DOWNLOAD LINK: http://filestore.novastor.com/Downloads/NovaBACKUP/Current/APSetup.exe

System Requirements: IIS 7.0 , ASP.Net, SQL Server

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