How do I submit a Support Request online?

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2014 05:12PM PDT

Before submitting a ticket:

When submitting a ticket to our support team there are many pieces of information that can help us better understand what might be at the root of any problem. This Knowledgebase Article outlines the log files we would appreciate receiving for every case (though we're aware it is not always possible).

When submitting your ticket, please make sure you include at least the following information:

  1. Did you purchase the product within the last 30 days?
  2. Please provide the email you used during installation.
  3. Locate the .NBK file for the Backup job you are attempting to back up (more instructions below)
  4. Include the log file from the attempted backup, copy, or restore job and save it as a text file. (It should be listed in the "Logs" tab
  5. System Information (MSINFO) - Please see the process below
  6. Any applicable Windows Event Viewer Logs - Process below
  7. If possible, screenshots or as accurate as possible description of the error codes / behavior.

Once you have gathered these files, please archive / compress them to a .ZIP file before e-mailing the team. Once finished, go to:


NovaStor E-Mail Support Request


Gathering the information requested:

System Information File


  • Click on START, select Run and type: MSINFO32 (This will open the MSINFO diagnostic panel.)
  • Wait for two minutes to allow System Information to fully populate system information
  • Select FILE and then SAVE (NOTE: Do NOT select EXPORT as this will change the format of the file)
  • Name the file: Lastname_Firstname-MSINFO.NFO

NOTE: If you are only sending us a System Information file, you will need to make sure to compress / archive that file.


Backup Job Log File

Obtain the log file for the failed backup job so we can see what NovaBACKUP is doing:
From the NovaBACKUP Client (NBK Pro, Server, Business Essentials or RWF/xSP software:


  • Start the NovaBACKUP software
  • Click on the [Switch to Advanced View] button
  • Click on the [Logs] tab at the top
  • Select the log for the failed backup and double-click it
  • Click File, "Save As," and then save that file.


We recommend a similar format to the .NFO file: YourLastName-TodaysDate.txt


Backup/Copy Job Script

Locate and include the Job script file (*.nbk). This file contains information relating to the settings you've chosen for the Backup / Copy job you are requesting help on.


In Windows 7 the NovaBACKUP Scripts Folder should be located here:




Failed Setup / Install Logs

If you've experienced a failed installation or setup of the NovaBACKUP software we also request a copy of your Application Event Viewer Logs. Under an Administrative Command Prompt in Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008 and above please type the following and include the resulting file:

wevtutil epl Application "C:\SetupLog.evtx"



If you are using the NovaBACKUP Storage Server we also request sending the MasterLog.txt and any user logs specific to the errors. You can find the location of these logs in the NovaBACKUP Storage Server Configuration Manager or in the default location:

C:\Program Files\NovaBACKUP Storage Server\

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