How to move a NovaBACKUP xSP or Remote Workforce Server to new hardware

NovaBACKUP xSP / Remote Workforce
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2015 03:52AM PST

When moving your backup server to new hardware, here is the complete process that needs to be observed:

1. Verify that you have current valid backups of the following:

  • User Profiles Directory
  • Config files (Backupserver.ini)
  • User Data
  • Databases

2. On your new server Install your Microsoft SQL Database server and restore your BackupServer database.

3. Download the latest version of NovaBackup Storage Server and install it and make sure that you have pointed the installation to the proper database.

  • When going through the installation and it comes to the part of the database name just go ahead and put BackupServer_test or just so it is not the original name of your database.
  • Once the installation goes through which might have some errors but just proceed follow the rest of the instructions below.
  • So after installation make sure the backup server service is stopped.
  • Go into the installation directory of NovaBackup Storage Server which is C:\Program Files\NovaBackup Storage Server by default and locate the backupserver.ini file.
  • Open this and find the database section and locate the connection string.
  • You are looking for Database=BackupServer_test.
  • Modify this to look like the original database which is BackupServer by default.
  • Save and close this file

4. Move the Userdata from ServerA to ServerB in the same location so the data path stays the same.

5. Move the Profiles directory back in place.

6. Open the Configuration Manager - Click the Licensing Tab and e-mail the current license ID to your account rep and provide your Company name and customer number.

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