How to move data from one storage volume to another

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Last Updated: Oct 15, 2012 11:26AM PDT

You may find yourself needing to move Storage data to a different volume, for the purposes of maintenance, expansion, or some other administrative reason. You can do this using the "Move" function of a Storage location in the Configuration Manager.


  • Open the Configuration Manager on the Storage Server.
  • Select the Storage tab.
  • Identify the Storage location you want to move to a new volume.
  • If you have multiple storage locations you are moving, they MUST be kept seperate on the new volume. This information cannot be merged into a single volume location.
  • In windows, locate the volume where the data will be moved to and create a folder for the data. (data cannot be stored in the root of a volume).
  • Stop incoming traffic to the storage server, normally by blocking port 308.

Move the Data

  • Copy the data from the source Storage Location to the new folder you created.
  • After you have verified that the data has copied successfully, open the Configuration Manager.
  • On the Storage tab, select the storage volume you are moving, and click the [Move] button
  • Enter the direct path for the new location (we do not recommend a mapped drive if this is a NAS or SAN)
  • Click [OK]

Test the data with a restore

  • Restore traffic to the storage server by unblocking port 308
  • Using an account that has backed up to that location attempt to restore some data.

You should be able to successfully perform a restore.


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