User Data Import and Verify using APFMigration

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Last Updated: May 03, 2013 02:04PM PDT

The APFMigration function of the NovaBACKUP Storage Server allows you to scan the users data storage, and recreate the database entries for the stored data.


  • CAUTION 1:  This guide is valid for version 12.0 and up ONLY.
  • CAUTION 2:  If your user spans multiple storage locations (v12 and up) then you will need to consolidate the userdata into a single (1) userdata folder (e.g - All to the same location) for this function to work.
  • CAUTION 3:  Please make sure that you have a valid SQL Database backup before using this tool


Part 1 - Preparing the Storage Server and Data for import


  • In the configuration manager, select the users account, and click "Remove"
  • Uncheck the top 2 boxes in the window ("Delete the accounts data directory" and "Delete the accounts log files")
  • In the section "Account Disposition" choose the option, "Permanently Delete Account" and Click "OK"
  • Browse to the user's data folder and locate the file, "Cache.apf"
  • Rename "Cache.apf" to "old_cache.apf"

Once the removal has completed and you've renamed the Cache file, you will need to re-add the account:

  • Click "Add" under the Accounts tab
  • Re-add the user account with the same username and password.  Make sure you choose the appropriate storage location you wish to use.
  • On the client's machine, perform a single-file backup to the Storage Server on each drive:
    • If the client has multiple drives being backed up (e.g. - backing up files from both a C: and D: drive) you will need to back up a single file from both C: and D:
  • In the userdata folder you will see a new folder has been created identifying this machine as well as a new "Cache.apf" file
  • Move or Copy all the data from the prior user folder (e.g. - Copy all contents of computer "1001" into the new computer "2001")


Part 2 - Import content to Storage Server (APFMigrate)


  • Open a Command Prompt running it As Administrator
  • Navigate to the NovaBACKUP Storage Server directory (default is "C:\Program Files\NovaBACKUP Storage Server\")
  • Run the APFMigrate utility:
    • "Backupserver.exe apfmigration -d -a -u -c"
    • Command line switches:
    • -d = Data Directory
    • -a = APF file path
    • -u = Username on the Storage Server
    • -c = Connection to SQL Server (You can copy and paste this from your BackupServer.ini file). As of version 14.5 the Connection string is no longer required.

As an example:

Backupserver.exe apfmigration -d "C:\userdata\John" -a "c:\userdata\John\cache.apf" -u John

This process can take some time but once finished you should be able to run backups against the user's previous data.

NOTE: Prior to version 14.5 of the software, the command to run the APF Migration was actually prefaced by a dash (Backupserver.exe -apfmigration). This has been changed to just "Backupserver.exe apfmigration".

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