xSP Server logs and troubleshooting 101

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Last Updated: Oct 15, 2012 11:43AM PDT


1. Always look in the Masterlog.txt ( located at the server installation root directory) to see what process the client is in or has been doing recently.

2. Client side logs are kept in the LOGS directory under the server install root. Each time the client connects, one of these logs are generated so you may see several logs for a single backup, as disconnections can be frequent.


Solutions for Client connections:



If you are not using ver10 clients with the ver10 server, expect some minor issues until you have updated the client. The connections should be stable though and the backups should run. Ver 11 server is stable with version 7 and 10 and 11 clients. However, things to try on your own are these:


  1. Test client connection. If good, Move on. If failed, check all your networking and use telnet over port 308 from the client to the server. Also check the masterlog.txt for client status. You can have a failed connection if the server is accessing the client profile for rollups and apf migrations.
  2. Try installing a generic client just to make sure the issue is not caused from within the client itself
  3. Restart the client interface, if that does not work, reboot the machine itself.
  4. Re-install the client using the exact same user account info as before.
  5. If its an .apf issue in the masterlog.txt then possibly the .apf for your version 7 client is corrupt and the program is reaching into the profiles directory for another .apf to use. You can try renaming or deleting the original .apf in the user's data directory and replacing it with the client's .apf copy in the profiles dir. When you do this make sure to rename the copied .apf file to user.apf like it should be. Restart the client after you do this, reboot if possible.
  6. If the Cached.apf and user.apf are both in the data directory and the user.apf is being accessed by the server, basically you need to try to delete or rename that file, then go to the client and restart the client and service.
  7. If there is only a user.apf then chances are the sql migration is still happening. Make sure you don't restart the backup server or service during this time or the process will start over. Also check the master log for this client to see if the .apf migration began, ect..

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