[Guide] The new NovaStor.com/Support

Last Updated: Jul 02, 2013 01:24PM PDT

Welcome to the new NovaStor.com/Support page

We understand that there have been quite a few changes to the page, so we’ve written this guide to help you find your way around the new site.

Important information

NovaCare and our Support Policies have not changed

Our Support Policies are still exactly as they existed before with NovaCare Basic, Advanced, and Premium. The new NovaStor.com/Support page is here to help provide all of our users the information they might need to ensure their backups go flawlessly (even if we’re not around).

The NovaStor Forums have been locked for editing

They’ve been replaced with the “Ask a Question” feature. However you may still access the old NovaStor Forums by Clicking Here. While the Forums were an excellent place to ask questions and (occasionally) receive answers, there was simply no way for us to ensure the information was both factual and relevant. As we continue to move into the future, the increasingly outdated information presented by a traditional BBS may actually hinder a user’s ability to get the answer they need.

You may notice a few broken links.

Unfortunately, nobody is perfect and it seems we’ve lost the backup file for the old website - no going back now! If you notice a broken link, please e-mail us at support@novastor.com

New Features

Unified Search Bar

Because we’ve gotten rid of the forums and we’re bringing customer questions straight into the knowledgebase itself, the new unified search bar will provide answers from both our ‘Official’ articles and questions asked by other users. You’ll also notice that the search function is vastly improved and provides on-the-fly previews of your results so you can choose without having to jump pages.

Ask a Question

If you search through the KnowledgeBase and you still can’t find your answer, just click, “Ask a Question”. You’ll be brought to a page and asked to fill out some simple information. As a bonus, the new search tool will try one last time to provide you with the answer you’re looking for in. If it’s not there, click next and your question will be posted and available for our team to take a look and get back to you. We’re not always here, though - and that’s why we’re allowing other users to provide feedback (which we can Verify if it’s right) to help each other out.

Improved article keywords / Groups

We’re going to spend a lot of time over the next few weeks and from then on regarding appropriate keywords and labels for any search you’re going to do in the future. We’re also being more careful about what kind of FAQs end up in which category. The groups are in place to help categorize broadly, but the real power lay in the searching.

Finally, the new look itself.

Sometimes we technicians forget that information needs to be presented in a way that’s easier on the eyes than we’re accustomed. With the new NovaStor.com/Support page we recognized that some of our articles were just simply lacking the simple visual cues that what were needed to help non-technical users get the information they were looking for. We’re taking this last point very seriously and our goal is to provide the most accurate, fastest, and most presentable information as possible to our users. Let us know how we’re doing in this regard by e-mailing the Support Manager directly.

NovaCare Status

NovaStor Support

Contact Us

  • E-Mail NovaStor Support

    Click Here to submit your case to the NovaStor Support Team.

  • Phone Support

    If you have NovaCare Support you can call our support line:

    US Support:
    Call +1(805) 409-3140
    Press 2 for Technical Support
    Monday through Friday
    8am - 5pm PST

    EMEA Support:
    Call +49 (40) 63809 - 989
    Monday through Friday
    9am - 5pm CET (GMT+1)