Attempting to import or restore NovaBACKUP files with NB7 file extension

Last Updated: Jul 02, 2013 01:24PM PDT

If you are trying to import or restore backed up data using older versions of the software, you may not be able to "see" the files in a more recent version of the NovBACKUP software.

  • Prior to Version 10, the backed up data was stored in files with an extension of *.NB7.
  • From version 10 and up, the files are stored as *.NBD.

You can import and restore data contained in NB7 files by changing the file extension from *.NB7 to *.NBD.

Once you have changed the file extension, you can import the data using a current version of NovaBACKUP client software:

  • Open the NovaBACKUP software
  • Switch to Advanced View
  • Click on the Restore tab
  • Click the [Import] button
  • Navigate to the renamed *.NBD files and select the backup job you wish to import
  • Click [OK]

Once the information is imported, you can select the data you wish to restore.

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