Introduction to NovaStor's TimeSlider

Last Updated: Jul 02, 2013 01:24PM PDT

What is the TimeSlider?

In version 11.1 of NovaBACKUP, NovaStor has introduced a feature called TimeSlider, which is based on a patent pending technology developed by the engineering brains of NovaStor. The basic function of the TimeSlider feature in NovaBACKUP 11.1 is to give the user a simple, single interface from which they can restore files, regardless of when or where the files were backed up.

The file tree presented in the TimeSlider restore view shows a combination of all backups NovaBACKUP is aware of, whether they have been done locally on the system or online to various online storage partners. At the top of the TimeSlider restore view screen is the slider control, which has labels for earliest backup, latest backup, and the current selection.

By default, the slider starts at the far right near the "latest backup" label, meaning the file tree will show all backups up to and including the latest backup date. As the slider is moved to the left towards the "earliest backup" label, more recent backups are removed from the file tree view. This allows the user to restore older versions of files, as the file tree will only display files which were backed up at or before the selected time.

Additionally, in the Time Based restore mode you can right click on a file and it will display version information about that file. Specifically, it will tell you what devices have a version of this particular file. The version information also talks about what size, date, or time of that file when it was backed up. Sorta like a version history. You can choose to restore more than one version of that file to be restored. By default the latest version of the file is restored.

How does the TimeSlider work?

TimeSlider is a patent pending technology that was developed in house at NovaStor. The rough outline of how it works behind the scenes is this: NovaBACKUP knows about every file it has backed up to local devices and can query the online storage servers that NovaBACKUP is set to use to see what files and dates are on the online storage server.

Once NovaBACKUP gathers this data, it indexes each file, noting where each file has been backed up, when it was backed up, and the different meta data on the file for each backup that was completed. When the slider is moved, the underlying framework for the TimeSlider view changes the parameters of what should be displayed in the file tree. After the user makes the file selections and tells NovaBACKUP to restore, NovaBACKUP creates a list of all the files and pieces of media or locations where it needs to grab each file that was selected, and then runs a job to restore each file from the correct location.

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