Settings that affect Storage Server space

NovaBACKUP xSP / Remote Workforce
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2015 05:14AM PST

The NovaBACKUP xSP and Remote Workforce Storage Server has a few settings that will allow you more granular control over how much data is stored for each user account.

Configuration Manager

In the Configuration Manager:

  • Open the Configuration Manager
  • Select a User
  • Click [Properties]

Restorable Window

This is a setting in the configuration manager that allows you to set the time period to keep versions of files. This does not mean that the storage server only keeps 1 week worth of data with your 1 week restorable window though. It keeps one week worth of versions.

Where we see the most issues with this is when the end user has something else backing up or doing some sort of dated file scenario. For instance SQL backups. Some customers do SQL backups to .bak files through the SQL management utility, and then backup those SQL backups.

So they have SQL backup files named SQL_09.20.2010.bak, SQL_09.19.2010.bak, SQL_09.18.2010.bak etc. Each on of these is a single version of a file. Since the Restorable Window is all about versions, all of these files would be retained on the server. And as the Restorable Window never deletes the latest version of a file, there will always be one version of the file available, no matter how old it is.



In the BackupServer.ini:

# Allowed number of deleted storage streams before defragmentation is started.
# Dynamic
Defrag Limit = 7
# Enable saving corrupted storages.
# Dynamic
SaveCorruptedStorages = 1
# Minimum number of versions to retain.
# Dynamic
MinNumberVersions = 1


This is a setting in the backupserver.ini file that specifies the amount of outdated storages to keep before actually defragging the storage and getting rid of the old outdated storage. By default this is set to 7, which means there has to be 7 outdated versions of a file before the server rolls out the outdated storage. Decreasing this number makes the storage more true, but puts a higher load on the storage server.


This setting tells the server to save or discard any corrupted storage files that occur during the backup transport process. A file may become corrupt if there is a dropped connection or a stop is caused either on the client or server side.


The MinNumberVersions control the absolute minimum versions of a file to retain regardless of the Restorable Window for the account.

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