How to debug a failed xSP or NovaBACKUP MSI installation.

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2015 04:09AM PST

How do you pass command line arguments from the Setup Wrapper to the underlying Setup? These command line statements will generate verbose logging of the MSI installation process. This will help in identifying setup issues.


/ComponentArgs "*|id|display_name":"value"


1. For example, to create an msi log file for the Backup Storage Commerce Server:



"Setup Installer.exe" /ComponentArgs "Backup Storage Commerce Server":"/C:\"SetupBootStrapperEx.exe /l*v c:\setuplog.txt\""




2. Here is the command to create an msi log file for the Backup Storage Server:

"Setup xSP Installer.exe" /ComponentArgs "NovaBACKUP Storage Server":"/C:\"SetupBootStrapperEx.exe /l*v c:\setuplog.txt\""


3. And the Remote Manager:

"Setup Installer.exe" /ComponentArgs "NovaNet-WEB Remote Manager": "/C:\"SetupBootStrapperEx.exe /l*v c:\setuplog.txt\""


4. The Central Management Console:

"Setup CMC.exe" /ComponentArgs "Management Server":"/C:\"SetupBootStrapperEx.exe /l*v c:\setuplog.txt\"


5a. And the standard NovaBACKUP client (version 15 and prior!)

c:\Setup-NB-Prof.exe" /ComponentArgs "Backup Client":"/C:\"_Setup.exe /log c:\setuplog.txt\""

5. And the standard NovaBACKUP client (version 16 and following!)

Setup-NB-Prof.exe /Log /noreboot /ComponentArgs "Backup Client":" /prop REBOOT=ReallySuppress /log c:\setuplog.txt"

In all of these cases, the msi log file will be created as c:\setuplog.txt.

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