[Guide] on Central Management Console: Users, Groups and Roles

Central Management Console
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2012 05:50PM PDT
CMC Basic Setup of Users/Groups/Roles

Setting up special access for use to monitor and manage backups for clients connected to your CMC takes just a few minutes of time and preparation.

You will need to:

  1. Create the groups for the agents.
  2. Define the Roles you will be assigning.
  3. Create user accounts to be given access to those roles and groups.


Create groups
  • Create a group for the agents (computers) to be assigned to.
  • You can set up groups and sub-groups into any basic parent-child hierarchy.
  • When the agent appears in the Pending group, assign the agent to appropriate group.
Set up Roles
  • Go to “Users and Roles”
  • Click the Roles tab
  • If the default roles are not enough, you can add more roles to suite your needs.
  • Click Add New
  • Assign permissions for the role
  • *Note:  If you enable “Access All Groups” in the role, any user assigned to that role will be able to view/administer ALL agents regardless of the group they are assigned.
  • Click [OK] when finished
Set up Users
  • General
  • Enabled (yes/no)
  • User Name – the user name for this user
  • Role – Select the role from the drop down
  • Description – A summary of who/what this person is responsible for
  • Email Address – For permitting password reset of this account
  • Alert Range Days – The number of days to be used in the graphical reporting on the Dashboard
  • Groups
  • Select the groups you would like this user to be able to administer
  • Click [OK] when finished.

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