[v13] Walk through of Backup Retention

Last Updated: Jul 02, 2013 01:24PM PDT

Backup Retention

The user will start the NovaBACKUP software to begin the process of Backup Retention.

It is better to start out with the Advance view screen because Backup Retention is an advance

option in the NovaBACKUP Client (below).  

The path the user would use starts with the Schedule Tab (highlighted above).  This would bring the user to

the right place to configure Backup Retention. It makes sense because this option is a scheduled

type of operation.

 Under the Schedule Tab you will see the Backup Retention button at the bottom of the page, click on it.

This action will bring you into the Configuring Backup Retention window (above screenshot). This screen

is the basic tab under the Configuring Backup Retention window. The user has many options on the

way to configuring basic retention. First the user has to name the object if it is a newly created job,

or the user could open a previously configured backup and configure retention options for it. The

job name has the file extension (.nbk). The options are for Age and Count together or separately

meaning you can have the jobs retained by maximum age up to a year and minimal count up to 999.

The user has the option to choose the same selections separately. The next option is Backup Type to Process.

This section gives the user the option to set retention values to Normal Backups and Disaster Recovery

or those options individually. The last option for this screen is to save the Retention Schedule

for all backups that fall under the types to process. The Run Now button will allow the user to start the

retention schedule now and future backup schedules will now have basic retention configured under

the same name.Under this section the user can configure the amount of warnings and errors that are

acceptable for a usable backup.  The next screenshot will be the Advance Options for Backup Retention (below).

In the Advance Options screen for Backup Retention, there are options for media types to process

Those options are Disk and Tape or each selection individually.  You can configure retention with specific 

media names. Example: If the file is Disaster Recovery.nbk it can be save with this option .  Whenever this 

backup job is operating the setting will happen to every file that is under Disaster Recovery.nbk name. 

The user has the option to delete incremental and differential backups, remove index logs, and  report the

results but takes no action. All options are there for the user and are up to their discretion. 

After the user configures all retention options, the user can start by pressing the Run Now button or

wait for the next schedule backup that has retention options to complete the configuration.


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