Understanding Information Messages when backing up to NovaBACKUP Storage Server

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Last Updated: Oct 26, 2012 09:58AM PDT
Understanding Information Messages when backing up to NovaBACKUP Storage Server When backing up to a NovaBACKUP Storage Server your backup logs will include a variety of informational messages. In version 14 of the NovaBACKUP software these have changed and this guide will help users understand them.


--- Information ----------------------------------------------------------------
"Backup started at Tuesday, October 16, 2012 10:02 PM
Backup Client: v14.0.0.0_8, User: help_novastor_com Backup Server: v14.0.7.0 at cmc.novastor.com, Port: 308

This is the initial messaging listing the NovaBACKUP version, storage server username, server IP / FQDN, and port.


Total warnings: 0
Total errors: 0
Total volumes: 0
Total compressed files: 200
Total files skipped, already in storage: 95,093
Total files skipped, identical in storage: 10

These messages list out the specifics of the files selected in the backup jobs:
  • Total warnings: Warnings specific to xSP backups (compression or file list issues)
  • Total volumes: If you've selected an entire disk to back up (in this example I've only chosen the My Documents folder)
  • Total compressed files: These are the files that have been selected by our block-level comparison check to be backed up and compressed / sent to the server
  • Total files skipped, already in storage: These are files that have been skipped since they've not changed at the block-level
  • Total files skipped, identical in storage: These are files that initially look changed (file modified dates / created dates changed, etc) but upon block-level comparison were not actually changed.


One thing you'll notice is that the number of compressed does not add up to total selected files in the backup logs above these information messages and this is because in the initial check we consider Folders to be selected items.


Backup data size before compression: 19.1285 megabytes
Backup data size after compression: 3.0134 megabytes

For this example this is the compression ratio of the 200 files chosen to be backed up from above.


Disk space usage on server: 2316.62 megabytes

User information regarding storage space available (will also adjust based on quotas if they're applied)


Total backup time : 00:08:53
Security Summary:
- 192-bit Triple-DES encryption was negotiated with the server for protocol security.
- Files will be encrypted with 128-bit AES for transmission and/or storage on the Backup Server.

Backup completed at Tuesday, October 16, 2012 10:11 PM

End of Log


These final lines are all simply informational and relate to the backup duration / completion time and listing the encryption levels (which will almost always be identical and will always be the minimum 192/128 you see here).

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