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Last Updated: Dec 03, 2012 12:14PM PST
Q.  How do i move my Storage server from one Machine to another?

There are a few things that will determine the best way to move your storage server.   The first thing to address is where your database is located?   Before doing anything it is recommended that you backup your sql database through SQL Studio Manager and save the file as a .bak file.   This information is freely available on the internet and can vary slightly based on the version of SQL that you have.

You will need to have your SQL database up and running before you perform the new install of your storage server.   Whether you decide to keep the SQL application on the same machine as your Novabackup Storage server is up to you.   When you do run the installation for the Storage server you WILL be prompted to the location of your SQL server.   You will need to make sure this is pointed to your previous sql database.  (the restored .bak file)

Upon completion of the install of the storage server, your clients should be able to start connecting immediately (assuming the IP address and DNS are still matching of course).  From here your clients will be able to start backing up and verifying what data has been changed based of what is read in the SQL database when clients check in to perform backups.   Backups in general do not look at the physical data on your machine, it only looks at what the DB tells it.

Now you may also need to move your storage from your old server to your new one.   If the original data store is the same as your new datastore, you have nothing to worry about and need to only copy the data over.   (ex  D:\Userdata to D:\Userdata).   HOWEVER if the data store is changing, (ex:  D:\UserData to F:\UserData) you will need to make sure the database reflects this correctly.

On the [Storages] tab of the configuration manager, select the properties of the previous storage.   You can then "Move" this data to the new storage location.   This does not physically move any files but does change all the database entries for these files to reflect the new location.  You can then manually move the data to the new location yourself.

This completes the process for migrating data from one location to another.   Clearly if your Database and Userdata are already on a different server, the migration process is just a simple new install to new location.   You only need to worry about moving your database and UserData if everything was stored on a single machine.

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