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Todd Hunter Nov 12, 2012 08:01PM PST

This has been going on since we installed xSP a year ago. We are on Server v14 now and most of the clients are 12.5. The CMC shows the majority of the clients are disconnected. Restarting the Backup Client Service on the clients will reconnect the client. However the data showing the CMC for the clients is inaccurate for most of the clients even hours later. Backups run every night yet CMC shows most of the clients as not having backed up for several weeks.

Opening the CMC a week from now many of the clients will be disconnected again.

I updated the CMC today to the the version that came with 14 but still same problem.

How do I get the clients to stay connected and get accurate info on them?



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NovaStor Support Jan 14, 2013 03:46PM PST

You would be able to see the most updated information when you completely log out of the Central Management Console. You also have configuration options for your CMC use these options to check connections status as a window period of 1 min. Refresh the status of any jobs set to 1 minute interval and connection timeout set to 1 minute as well. Make sure the Backup Client Agent service is set to automatic as well. This will ensure that you have the most updated status in your Central Management Console.

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